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Reflexology is a gentle treatment applied to the feet and sometimes to the hands. Reflexology is a holistic technique that aims to treat the individual as a whole, in order to induce a state of balance and harmony in body, mind, and spirit.


It is based on the belief that there are reflex areas on the feet and hands corresponding to all the parts of the body, including the major organs. It is believed that applying pressure to specific areas on the feet, hands and ears affects the internal organs and body systems, promoting balance and good health.

Reflexology has many benefits. It feels good. It is pleasant and soothing, and it relaxes the body. Each person responds to a reflexology in a unique way and on occasions may experience a variety of short-term reactions including extreme relaxation, tiredness, or heightened emotions. Reflexology is not a ‘cure-all’, however it can ease migraines, sinus problems, breathing disorders, digestive problems, circulatory problems, tension, and stress.

Fees for Reflexology sessions are £25 per treatment (45 to 60 minutes). If you would like to experience this relaxing treatment, please contact me to book an appointment.

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